The Steroid Era and the Hall of Fame

Eventually we will have to vote guys in unfortunately

9 Inning Know It All

For the past few years the discussion as to whether or not players in the steroid era should be allowed into the Hall of Fame has been an issue that has separated baseball fans.  Some fans and ‘purists’ stand firm that the Hall of Fame should not be tarnished by those players who used steroids, while others make the argument that all the players were using steroids and therefore it didn’t give an advantage to any one player.

Now I must admit I have been torn on this issue.  A large part of me says that players like Bonds, Clemens and Sosa should never be allowed in the Hall of Fame, but I don’t feel that way for all players who are suspected of steroid use.  Today though I heard a statement by one of the greatest sports commentators of all time, Bob Costas, as he stated what he felt…

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