American League dominating MLB’s interleague play

National Post | Sports

The verdict is in, 15 years after Major League Baseball first established interleague play: The American League is undeniably guilty of dominating the Senior Circuit.

For the ninth consecutive year, and the 12th time in 16 seasons, the AL is on pace to outduel the NL, accentuating the unequal distribution of talent between the two leagues.

Dan Shulman, who has kept close watch on interleague activities as ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball play-by-play commentator, sees an AL arms race as being largely responsible for the American League’s upper hand.

“The Yankees and the Red Sox have forced the competition in the American League to get better,” Shulman said. “You either figure out a way to get better — and maybe that’s spending more or maybe that’s getting smarter — or you get left behind.”


The affluent class of the AL has historically feasted on the NL during interleague play. The…

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