Covering the Bases: Game 66

Major League Bastian


Indians 10, Reds 9

FIRST: Players typically like to tell us reporters that they aren’t thinking about potential milestones? “No, I wasn’t thinking about the no-hitter,” said the pitcher. “No, I wasn’t thinking about a home run in that situation,” said the hitter. OK, fellas. Whatever you say.

In the eighth inning on Monday, Lonnie Chisenhall sat a double shy of a cycle.

Guess what?

“That’s all I was thinking about,” Chisenhall said.

Ahh, how refreshing that was to hear for a change.

Alas, history was not on Lonnie Baseball’s side and he lined out to right field. He said he had a flurry of thoughts run through his mind — from hoping the ball fell short to trying to will it over Jay Bruce’s head. Had it rattled around in the corner, giving him a shot at a triple, Chisenhall said he would’ve stopped at second.

He didn’t…

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