Derek Lowe has “zero respect” for Dusty Baker

Major League Bastian

Indians veteran Derek Lowe had some harsh words aimed at Reds manager Dusty Baker following Wednesday’s 5-2 loss to Cincinnati. Lowe’s expletive-filled postgame rant came after Mat Latos threw a fastball a little too far inside for the Tribe pitcher’s liking.

The pitch in question was a first-pitch, 96-mph heater from Latos to open the fifth inning. After watching the pitch breeze by, Lowe motioned toward the Reds dugout and barked at Baker. Lowe said he and Baker have had bad blood boiling for years, dating back to when the pitcher was with the Dodgers.

According to Lowe, Baker has been instructing his pitchers to throw at Lowe for the past five years.

Here is the transcript of what Lowe had to say:

Q: Is there something going on between you and Reds?

“Dusty will deny it. It has everything to do with him. You can go ask him. He’ll deny it…

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