Taking over Grandma’s backyard and dominating neighborhood home run derby as a kid, Indians pitcher Josh Tomlin is evidently comfortable swinging a bat.

Tomlin’s father, Jerry, signed him up for T-ball when he was four years old and spent hours sitting with him in front of the television, always watching baseball.

“[My dad] told me to watch the game and pick up everything I could,” Tomlin, 27, said. “I think that’s what made me better. I enjoyed watching baseball.

“I enjoyed being out there with my dad all the time. It’s something that brought us closer together, and it was something I loved to do.”

Tomlin, an only child, grew up alongside a busy highway. He said he typically rode the bus to a friend’s house or biked a few miles away to meet up with a group of friends.

When Tomlin was nine years old, Jerry constructed a baseball…

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