Jim Thome Traded to the Baltimore Orioles: Rate That Trade

MLB Reports

Sunday July 1st, 2012

Jonathan Hacohen:  As part of our regular features here on MLB reports, we have a dedicated page to baseball trades. It is not a streaming trade tracker. Rather, it is a highlight of the key baseball trades that take place during the year. We look at the main participants, what was the deal, each team’s logic and deliver a verdict.  We call it “Rate That Trade“. Please feel free to bookmark it and check back regularly. If you love baseball deals as much as we do, then we know that you will have your opinion on each respective baseball swap. Leave your comments, send us an e-mail, keep in touch. We love debating baseball deals almost as much as we love reporting and analyzing them.

The big swap on the last day of June went down as follows:

The Philadelphia Phillies trade Jim…

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