MLB: Top 20 Players with the Most Doubles in Baseball History


Doubles aren’t home runs, but don’t sell them short. Two-baggers are a big deal in baseball – they instantly put runners in scoring position.

And if you look at the top 20 players with the most all time, it’s a list of just about all Hall of Famers.

Only Pete Rose (banned), Craig Biggio (eligible in 2013), Barry Bonds (steroids, eligible in 2013), Luis Gonzalez (eligible in 2014) and Rafael Palmeiro (steroids) are not enshrined.

Tris Speaker has more double than anyone, just short of 800. Charlie Hustle (Rose), Stan “The Man” Musial and Ty Cobb are the only other players with more than 700 career doubles.

Several active players will soon, or eventually, crack the top 20. Todd Helton needs just eight to overtake Charlie Gehringer. Bobby Abreu is just three behind Helton. Both should make it this season.

Further behind are Scott Rolen (507) and Alex Rodriguez

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