By Anthony Castrovince/
On Twitter: @Castrovince

Chris Perez said something the other day during the Tribe’s short-lived stint in the national media (a product, naturally, of their annual visit to the Bronx) that rightly caught the attention of one of the astute writers over at Let’s Go Tribe.

And no, it had nothing to do with LeBron, the Browns or attendance.

This is what Perez told Tyler Kepner of the New York Times, when pressed to explain the Indians’ ability to stay in the AL Central race despite what is currently a minus-51 run differential (second-worst in the league):

“It’s been kind of weird, honestly,” Perez said. “If we’re ahead after five, we win. And even if we’re down by one or two, it seems big. It’s just one of those anomalies.”

With all due respect to Perez, who remains this clubhouse’s go-to guy for catch-all (and sometimes controversial)…

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