MLB: Most Triples in a Single-Season – All-Time and Since 1950


A couple days ago Sports List of the Day listed baseball’s all-time triples leaders. It was a list dominated by old-timers – really old-timers – with most of the players (15 of 20) playing the majority of their careers prior to 1917.

How the game has changed. The active leaders (and likely future players), also listed in that post, will never manage a challenge. They are at best a third off the pace.

And so it holds true for the single-season triples leaderboard, and even a little moreso. A full 19 of the best 21 seasonal triples marks were of that same old-timers’ era (late 1800’s through about 1916). The average fan probably knows only a handful of these guys, if that: Ty Cobb, Shoeless Joe Jackson and maybe Sam Crawford (the all-time career triples leader).

So, I added a second list, one that’s a lot more fun…

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