The Sports Archives – Red Sox-Yankee Rivalry Rears Its Head!

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There are many famous rivalries in professional sports, but one of the fiercest is between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. The Yankees are the team that everybody loves to hate, but the Red Sox fans hate them more than most baseball fans. They love to come down to Fenway Park to “boo” the Yankees loudly. This year The Yankees and Red Sox will be competing again in July; any true fans of either team wouldn’t dare miss the chance to outshine the other.

The two teams have maintained their rivalry since the early 1900s. The reasons for the rivalry are pretty obvious.

• The two cities are not far apart.
• They play in the American League East Division.
• Both teams claim to be the best franchise in Major League Baseball.

The Curse of the Bambino

It all started in 1920 when The Yankee’s…

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