15 Questions with Justin Masterson


Indians starting pitcher Justin Masterson leads all Indians pitchers with 93 strikeouts and a 4.40 ERA. Masterson sat down with TribeVibe and answered “15 Questions.”

TribeVibe: What cartoon character do you most identify with?
Justin Masterson: I’d say Bugs Bunny. I like Bugs Bunny. He doesn’t always make great decisions, but he’s always toying with people and having a great time.

TV: What would your mom say is your best quality?
JM: My kind heart.

TV: Who is your role model?
JM: My parents, both of my parents. They set a good example for me.

TV: Can you cook?
JM: I enjoy cooking. I’m really good at taking whatever is there and making it into something that tastes delicious.

TV: Do you have a favorite former Indian?
JM: I love Jim Thome. I got to watch him and play with him. He is the best guy in baseball that you…

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