Covering the Bases: Game 82

Major League Bastian


Indians 3, Rays 1

FIRST: The Baseball Gods showed some mercy on Indians right-hander Josh Tomlin on Thursday night. After enduring a rough seven-game stretch (with a few splashes of success mixed in), Tomlin was strong in a win over the Rays.

“He’s a pitcher. He pitches well,” Rays manager Joe Maddon said. “You cannot cooperate with him. You’ve got to make him come over the plate. And whenever he did, it appeared from the side, he was coming over the edges.

“He was sharp. And then again, probably knowing that we have not been too prodigious offensively he may have had a little more confidence.”

Fair enough, Joe. Fair enough.

But, no matter the woes being experienced in the batter’s box right now by the Rays, it is worth celebrating Tomlin’s performance for the Tribe. He showed a spike in velocity in the early innings, had strong command of…

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