Inside the Visitors’ Clubhouse: Willie Jenks


Cleveland Indians Visiting Clubhouse Manager Willie Jenks, a graduate of Holy Name High School and Akron University, began working as a bat boy with the visiting clubhouse 16 years ago. In 2007, Jenks was promoted to Head Visiting Clubhouse Manager. Jenks caught up with TribeVibe on Saturday, discussing his typical duties during a series. Be sure to check out Part Two of TribeVibe’s interview with Jenks tomorrow.

Willie Jenks: Most of our series start in the middle of the night. We have to look and see where a team’s coming from, and then figure out how long it might take them to pack up after a game and fly here. The traveling secretaries will give us an itinerary, but that’s usually within an hour, two-hour window, barring any plane problems, customs problems, trucking problems. As soon as that plane lands, an equipment truck will be out at the airport, pull…

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