Patrol Officer Stanczyk: Protecting the Visitors’ Bullpen


Cleveland Patrol Officer Jeff Stanczyk has worked in the Cleveland Indians Visitors’ Bullpen for 20 years, while working on the field at Cleveland Browns games for 32 years. Stanczyk is known for handing out Tootsie Rolls to all fans and players he interacts with during the day.

TribeVibe: What are your duties as police officer at Progressive Field?
Jeff Stanczyk: Provide a safe environment for the fans and the players. I’m assigned the bullpen, so my job is to keep the guys in the visiting bullpen safe so they’re not bothered too much. [I] interact with the fans because that’s what this is about.

TV: Have you seen much fan-player interaction in the bullpen?
JS: Generally, the guys in the bullpen are pretty nice. A few of the fans get a little out of hand, but 90 percent of them have interaction with the bullpen. The guys in the…

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