Guillen Disputes White Sox Better Off Without Him

CBS Cleveland

CHICAGO (AP) — Ozzie Guillen won’t argue that it was time for a change. Just don’t say his former team is better off without him.

The outspoken Guillen emphatically dismissed that idea before the Miami Marlins faced the Cubs on Tuesday, his first game managing in Chicago since he split with the White Sox at the end of last season.

Guillen acknowledged “everybody is healthier” because of the change.

One thing, though.

Don’t tell him the White Sox lead the AL Central and are defying most expectations because he left town and took the circus with him. That, he insisted, is not right.

And, he said, just look at his record.

The White Sox were 678-617 during his eight seasons and captured their first World Series championship since 1917 when the 2005 team won it all. Clearly, they did things right during that time, even if his tenure ended on…

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