I have to get something off my chest. I am tired of hearing people blasting Victorino and I am also tired of seeing it on twitter. These are same people who most likely loved Vic the past fiver years. Listen, I know he has had a shitty season but the guy is only 31. He still has some good baseball left. I know he will drive you nuts with his “non-baseball’ mind. OK, fine. He can be a JACKASS on the field. BUT the guy has talent. You know what else he has? It’s called HEART.

Vic wears his heart on his sleeve. Yes, he had a little run with the media earlier in the year. The man was frustrated. He knows he is having a shitty season and his team as well. As well as heart he also brought toughness to this team the past 5 years. The one thing you can always count…

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