The Phillies need to seriously consider going into full rebuild mode



Philidelphia Phillies ace Cole Hamels’ press conference after signing his extension. Pretty slick haircut too. (Bleacher Report)

So yes, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone here a little by writing about a team other than the Mariners. But this needs to be said. The Phillies made a rather surprising move by signing starting pitcher Cole Hamels to a 6-year extention for $144 million. That makes him the second highest paid pitcher ever in baseball history, second to CC Sabathia’s 7-year $161 million deal with the Yankees before the 2009 season. It also makes him the highest paid Philadelphia athlete ever.

All signs pointed towards Cole Hamels being traded to a contending team before he signed his extension, which in my opinion probably would have worked out better for the Phillies. Cole Hamels is a 28-year old in the middle of his prime, and I seriously don’t see the Phillies turning…

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