PD’s Dennis Manoloff Says Vets Damon & Lowe May Attract Interest On Trade Market

CBS Cleveland

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com columnist Dennis Manoloff talks with Baskin & Phelps about the Indians on the trade deadline and whether or not they should sell veterans like Derek Lowe and Johnny Damon.

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15 Questions with Tony Sipp


Indians relief pitcher Tony Sipp has allowed just one run on three hits in his last 11 appearances (7.2 IP). Sipp recently sat down with TribeVibe and answered “15 Questions.”

TribeVibe: Did Santa leave the gifts under the tree wrapped or unwrapped?
Tony Sipp: Wrapped; I think everyone’s are wrapped.

TV: If the ice cream truck comes down the street, what do you buy?
TS: Either strawberry shortcake or the fire bomb.

TV: What is one perk of being on the Cleveland Indians as opposed to other teams?
TS: You can still go to Wal-Mart, and no one will recognize you.

TV: What is the last book you read?
TS: The last book I read? It’s been a minute. I read Obama’s book before he was President to see what I was getting myself into. That’s the last one. It’s been a while.

TV: Who is someone who you would…

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Sports O The World

Ichiro Suzuki is on the move from the only American baseball team he has played for. The Seattle Mariners today announced that they had acquired D.J Mitchell and Danny Farquhar from the Yankees in exchange for Suzuki. He is expected to play a combination of left and right field. He batted eight in front of Martin but don’t expect him to bat there too long. The addition of Ichiro also provides a very good lead off hitter when Derek Jeter needs a break, but he does provide a huge downside – age. Ichiro is 38 and possibly only has a few more years in him, if that. For the Yankees, it would still be worth pursuing a guy like Shane Victorino, who is a bit younger but still provides a great outfielder, on both offense and defense.

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The Hot Corner: Talkin' Sports w/ Tony J'Ville


The Miami Marlins have not had the season they were looking for when they put their team together last winter. Despite a new ballpark, new uniforms, big name free agent signings, and a re-energized fanbase, the Marlins just have not been able to put it together and could now be in the position to start breaking up the team.

 Miami has already pulled the trigger on a trade that sends starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez and second baseman Omar Infante to the Detroit Tigers for young starting pitcher and top prospect Jacob Turner and a couple of minor leaguers. The Marlins may not be blowing up the team, however they may just be trying a last minute attempt to shake things up and change the atmosphere around the team.

Marlins Trade Sanchez and Infante To Tigers For Prospect

 Hanley Ramierz could very well be on his way out the…

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Beyond the Board with Brian Perkins

King Felix was on the mound last night and improved his record to 9-5 on the season but the real story here; he hit 3 batters and all of them big names.  Derek Jeter, Ichiro, and Alex Rodriguez.  Could Hernandez just have been having an off night?  Probably.  There has been some speculation that the King was lashing out after the Mariners traded away Ichiro yesterday but even Yankees skipper Joe Girardi doesn’t think the hits were intentional, saying, “In that situation, I don’t think he’s trying to hit anyone on purpose.  I don’t think it was on purpose. You don’t want to put the tying run on base anyway. It happens, and it’s part of the game. It’s unfortunate Alex hurt his hand.”

You could see why Felix would be upset playing in Seattle.  Kyle Seager and a few pitching prospects are looking very good but it could be…

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I have to get something off my chest. I am tired of hearing people blasting Victorino and I am also tired of seeing it on twitter. These are same people who most likely loved Vic the past fiver years. Listen, I know he has had a shitty season but the guy is only 31. He still has some good baseball left. I know he will drive you nuts with his “non-baseball’ mind. OK, fine. He can be a JACKASS on the field. BUT the guy has talent. You know what else he has? It’s called HEART.

Vic wears his heart on his sleeve. Yes, he had a little run with the media earlier in the year. The man was frustrated. He knows he is having a shitty season and his team as well. As well as heart he also brought toughness to this team the past 5 years. The one thing you can always count…

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