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This is the midway point of the season and so far so much confusion that we would never would have thought lets exploit every team that has suprised the fan base

This young baltimore team has very much swung the bats well that got them in the heat of a playoff race
This red sox team was doomed from the start losing pableboon to philly losing the gm theo to the cubs and firing francoer and hiring bobby valentine!!! Boy this team looks like they are going to start rebuilding! Trading yokolis was a start to that. They could potentially be a team if healthy
This is a white sox team that had everyone puzzled…how can they play without ozzie, are they a contendet or developer. This white sox team was extremely hot at 1 point in the season but now they ate average but yuk cant hurt the team
After signing prince the tigers was pretty much everyone s baseball al central winner in preseason but thats not the case but just a freezing cold team this half and yet they could pull off that prediction


When signing jose reyes and zambrano with ozzie guillian the marlins have been an average team all though they could be a team that if they get hot they could make the playoffs
You expected that this would eventually happen between strasburg harper worth gio gonzalus but i would have never guessed they are a contender
New york?!
Losing both beltran and reyes who would have thought this team is a cotender. Ra dickey an all star? People never would have thought this knuckleballer could make the all star team mean while potentially start. Finally a perfect game on top of that
What is going on out there cliff getting his 1st win in july. Cole hammels on his way out. The main reason for this is due to key injuries but last o think this team has not played well
Well a team to watch offemsively and yet they cant hit the pitching has in fact taken the pirates to a first place at this point but to counter that divisio sucks this year
Ever since magic bought this club they have been firing on all cylinders and i really have thought this team needed something and magic must have been it