Is KC for real??

Here’s my opinion people have said for years that Kansas City is a going to be good once they get all the pieces together.  Well, they are pretty darn close if not ready.  The lineup is pretty solid, a solid bullpen, a bunch of good starters too.  BUT, I feel they are lacking a good staff, like Terry Francona, Jim Leyland, Lou Pinella, Dusty Baker… They also need a VETERAN they have a young team which makes me think they’ll start off good but finsh similar to what the Indians did last year or like the Pirates have.   So I feel they can be a third place team

2013 Predictions

AL West

  1. Angels
  2. As
  3. Rangers
  4. Mariners
  5. Astros

AL Central

  1. Detriot
  2. Cleveland
  3. Kansas City
  4. Chicago
  5. Minesosota

AL East

  1. Blue Jays
  2. Yankees
  3. Orioles
  4. Rays
  5. Red Sox







  1. 1.Dodgers
  2. 2.Giants
  3. 3.D-Backs
  4. 4.Rockies
  5. Padres

NL Central

  1. Reds
  2. Pirates
  3. Cardinals
  4. Brewers
  5. CUBS

NL East

  1. Nationals
  2. Phillies
  3. Braves
  4. Mets
  5. Marlins

2 Wild Cards





AL Wild Card Yanks defeat Indians

NL Wild Card Games Philles defeat Giants

AL Divison Series

Angels defeat Yankees

Detriot defeats Toronto


NL Divion Series

Dodgers defeat Phillies

Nationals defeat Reds


AL Championship Series

Angles defeat Detriot

NL Championship Series

Dodgers defeat Nationals


World Series

Dodgers defeat Angels in 5 games

What do you think?

Offseason updates

Let’s start with the people that were resigned … (the 1 player)

Ubaldo Jimenez’s club option was exercised due to the amount of work they have put in him.


The Indians traded Esmil Rodgers to the Toronto Blue Jays for Mike Aviles and Yan Gomez.  Mike Aviles could be a backup to Kipnis, A. Cab, or even Chistenhall.  This could also open the option to trade Asdrubal if an offer would emerge that could benefit the Indians greatly.  Yan has the potential of making the major league team at first base.

Free Agents

The Indians signed Luis Hernandez (I don’t believe has any relationship to Roberto) to a minor league contract with an invitation for spring training.

The Indians also signed Matt Carson to the same type of deal. (minor league, spring training invite)


What’s next???

Choo- With Choo’s agent basically saying that he would not sign with the Indians because they are not “contenders”, he currently has a 1 year deal, if the Indians dont believe that they were good enough to contend they will trade him and get the best value right now.

A Cab.- His current contract is through 2014 with an affordable contract which could draw an interest, currently the Red Sox and D-Backs have been linked

Masterson-  I doubt this would happen because he had a good year a year ago but has value.

Santana- I doubt this will happen too but is a young talented kid who has power, marson could step in as the every day catcher.

Indians Offseason???

With Francona becoming the leader of the Tribe what happens in the offseason??? Let’s evaluate it piece by piece

DH- I don’t see Hafner coming back without a MAJOR pay cut but the Indians have shocked me before.  What I do think will happen though is that the Tribe decides to rotate guys in the DH role but guys like Carlos Santana getting the majority of the reps and Matt LaPorta (providing he makes the team)

C- It should stay the same Carlos getting a lot of PT there and Marson getting more

1B- Here’s the position with the most question marks. Will Kotchman be back, will Ruzz Canzler get playing time there, will matt Laporta be back?? We shall see.  What i see is Matt Laporta and Casey Kotchman getting the majority of the resp

2b- 1 name KIPNIS


3b- rather kevin youklis signs with cleveland or chistenhall and hanahan get the reps

inf role- look at 3b, phelps might get a shot,lillibridge

OF- Choo are everyday Brantly guys like Lillibridge and Canzler should still get a lot of playing time

Projected Rotation-

1.Justin Masterson

2. Free Agent pickup

3. Ubaldo Jimenez

4. Roberto Hernandez

5. David Huff/ Corey Kluber/ Jeanmear Gomez/ Zack McAllister/ Josh Tomlin (they will have to fight it out in Spring)

Bull pen-

Closer: CP

SU: Vinnie Pestano

MR: Joe Smith

Others (most likely to least likely): Cody Allen, Esmil Rodgers, Rafael Perez, Josh Tomlin, Tony Sipp, Nick Hagadone, Scott Barnes, Frank Herman, Free Agent, Chris Shelden

Trade Possiblities

Choo???- I dont see this happening the Indians I think will try and sign him to a long term deal, he will be in cleveland on oppening day, they might try and get a long term deal done by the end of spring

CP??- With Vinnie being able to close games this deal would make sense especially after Chris’s crude comments this past season, could get a pretty nice return (prospect wise)

Tony Sipp- A name that could pitch well in a different environment he seems like a NL pitcher

Masterson- this doesn’t look to be happening but if a fanastic return this could happen I don’t see it

Hannahan- ONLY if the Indians sign Youk there would be not point in having him with Chistenhall and Youk all on the same roster


Side Note: I feel as if Grady Sizemore will sign a minot league deal in this offseason

Indians selling????

I have read on many tweets that the Indians may in fact sell.  They wouldn’t have a lot but what they do have makes sense to sell especially if they dont see a playoff run coming this year.

Potential Pieces

Derek Lowe- this makes the most sense comparing Hernandez (carmona) will be coming back.  Derek really has had his share of bad pitching since around May and with parting with him it might make sense with fausto coming back and derek lowe prtobably wont return next season.  You might not get a lot in this deal but thee Indians might somehow produce a Casey Blake type trade and receive a Carlos Santana type player but the chances are slim to none

Chris Perez- Chris has been linked to San Francisco due to the fact that he’ll be a free agent in the next couple of years and i guess the Indians have a lot of bullpen depth 9I don’t see it but OK).  This would probably make Vinnie Pestano the Indians closer and Joe Smith the setup man but they wouldnt have a middle reliever unless you would count someone like Rodgers, raffy perez, nick hagadone, or someone else on suceeding in that role I dont see it.

Shin-Soo Choo- I think if the Indians would in fact become sellers this guy would get a lot of interest due to the fact he can hit, play defense and steal some bases.  A lot of teams looking for a big bat might look at him but the Indians would need a lot of talent if they would part with him.

Johnny Damon- Similar to Derek Lowe return but to me it might make a lot of sense.  Shelly Duncan had always been a good player and has worked to get to where he is today, he plays well but doesnt get playing time due to Damon gets most of the reps because his contract would enable him to be released if he is not pleased with his playing time.

The Phillies need to seriously consider going into full rebuild mode



Philidelphia Phillies ace Cole Hamels’ press conference after signing his extension. Pretty slick haircut too. (Bleacher Report)

So yes, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone here a little by writing about a team other than the Mariners. But this needs to be said. The Phillies made a rather surprising move by signing starting pitcher Cole Hamels to a 6-year extention for $144 million. That makes him the second highest paid pitcher ever in baseball history, second to CC Sabathia’s 7-year $161 million deal with the Yankees before the 2009 season. It also makes him the highest paid Philadelphia athlete ever.

All signs pointed towards Cole Hamels being traded to a contending team before he signed his extension, which in my opinion probably would have worked out better for the Phillies. Cole Hamels is a 28-year old in the middle of his prime, and I seriously don’t see the Phillies turning…

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